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Association Editions aim to assist theological and religious studies librarians in their day-to-day work and professional development and may include white papers, handbooks, and other reference-type materials. These works are written by, at the direction of, or in consultation with Atla's staff and often with the assistance of committees, task forces or outside experts.

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Volume 3 of The Theological Librarian's Handbook

Collection Development in Theological Libraries

Carisse Berryhill (ed)
July 28, 2022
Volume 2 of The Theological Librarian's Handbook

Administration in Theological Libraries

Andrew Keck (ed)
August 2, 2021

Theological Questions

Todd Hanneken
June 3, 2021
Volume 1 of The Theological Librarian's Handbook

Introduction to Theological Libraries

Matina Ćurić (ed)
February 25, 2020

The American Theological Library Association: Essays in Celebration of the First Fifty Years

M. Patrick Graham, Valerie R. Hotchkiss, Kenneth E. Row
August 1, 1996