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Scholarly Editions represent new and creative research on topics that impact what theological librarians do and how they do it. Books@Atla Open Press does not publish PhD dissertations, DMin projects, or other terminal degree theses as such. To be considered for publication, these works must be revised or otherwise modified to make them appealing to the wider audience of Atla and beyond in order to be considered. Consideration and publication of any work as a Scholarly Edition requires submission of formal proposals as detailed at and are subject to the review and approval by an Editorial Board that oversees the Scholarly Editions.

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Information Literacy and Theological Librarianship: Theory & Praxis
Bobby Smiley; Christopher Anderson, William B Badke, Brandon Board, Evan Kuehn, Jérémie LeBlanc, Kaeley McMahan, Elizabeth Young Miller, Keegan Osinski, Brian Shetler, Victoria Tsonos, Kristine Veldheer
October 7, 2019