Call for chapter proposals


The Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries (ABTAPL) in partnership with Books@Atla Open Press invites proposals for chapters in a volume to commemorate the 70th anniversary of ABTAPL (1956-2026). Edited by Gudrun Warren, Christine Love-Rodgers, and Hannie Riley, chapters in this volume will address the questions: How have ABTAPL and its constituent members developed to the current position? What is the current situation of libraries and librarianship in this field? What are the challenges and trends that will face the sector over the next five to ten years?

Some suggested topics are:

  • How have trends in theological education and its provisions impacted libraries in the UK & Ireland?
  • How has ABTAPL helped its members in providing their services?
  • How is the landscape of theological libraries in the UK & Ireland evolving and how might ABTAPL respond to those challenges?
  • Multi-denominational and multi-faith perspectives on theological libraries in the UK & Ireland
  • The role and impact of decolonization in theological libraries in the UK & Ireland

Proposals on other topics are welcome, and we are actively seeking contributions from all parts of Britain.

Proposals will be preferred which:

  • Reference the work of ABTAPL to share information and experience in theological libraries and contribute to professional advocacy
  • Support a broader overview, narrative or survey of theological libraries rather than the specific detail of a single individual theological collection
  • Focus on more recent library history (from 1956 onwards) and / or consider future challenges to theological libraries

Chapter proposals must include a 200-word abstract describing the topic and a working title for the chapter. Proposal submissions also need to include the name, job title, institutional affiliation, and email address of the contributing author(s).

Proposals are due 15 July 2024 and should be submitted to The editors will notify selected authors by 1 September 2024. Chapter authors will be invited to attend an online orientation meeting in September 2024. Full manuscripts for selected chapters will be due 28 March 2025. Chapters should be approximately 5,000 to 8,000 words in length and conform to the Books@Atla Open Press Manuscript Preparation Guidelines. Anticipated publication date is early 2026.