Policy on Previously Published Material

Books published by Books@Atla Open Press as Scholarly Editions represent new and creative research as described in these author guidelines.

The Editorial Board may accept previously published journal articles or book chapters as chapters in new Scholarly Editions if the following conditions are met:

  • No more than 10 percent of the new published work may be represented by previously published content.
  • A copy of a signed author agreement for the previously published material documenting that the author has retained the right to publish the prior work in subsequent open access publications under a CC-BY-NC license.
  • The author or volume editor provides written compelling rationale as to why this previously published material should be included in the new work.

The Editorial Board may, in its discretion, reject inclusion of previously published content even if the above conditions are met. Authors and volume editors should disclose the intent to include previously published material when submitting a proposal and provide the above required documentation with their proposal.