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Books within this category are electronic reprints of previously published print works that have value to the profession of theological librarianship and therefore have been deemed important to publish as open access online editions. Reprints are selected at the discretion of Atla and are digitized and published in their original form. Copyright is either held by Atla or permissions obtained from the copyright holder to make a digital open access version available under a CC-BY-NC license

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The American Theological Library Association: Essays in Celebration of the First Fifty Years
M. Patrick Graham, Valerie R. Hotchkiss, Kenneth E. Row
August 1, 1996
A Broadening Conversation: Classic Readings in Theological Librarianship
Melody Layton McMahon, David R. Stewart
January 4, 2019
Essays on Theological Librarianship: Presented to Calvin Henry Schmitt
Lowell C. Albee, Jr., Ane J. van der Bent; Peter De Klerk; Richard W. Dorn, Maria Grossman, G. Fay Dickerson, Doralyn J. Hickey; Earle Hilgert; Elvire Roth Hilgert, Edgar Krentz, Kenneth O'Malley, Stephen L. Peterson, Jack L. Stotts, John B. Trotti, Louis Charles Willard
June 1, 1980
So Great a Cloud of Witnesses: Libraries & Theologies
Philip Harvey, Lynn Pryor
December 31, 1995