Qualitative Research: A Field Manual for Ministry Students


Timothy D. Lincoln
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary


OER, open educational resource, qualitative research, doctor of ministry, textbook, data collection, data coding, research design, mixed methods, data analysis, dissertation writing


Qualitative research helps investigators better understand the experiences of others. Qualitative Research: A Field Manual for Ministry Students  assumes no prior background in research involving human subjects. The examples and exercises in this book are drawn from variety of ministry settings and religious communities. The book addresses the distinctive features of final projects in Doctor of Ministry programs, including how to evaluate a project’s success. Some research methods textbooks discuss theory in depth but provide little explanation about how to conduct a study. This book explains how to use specific techniques and procedures, from study design and recruitment of participants to collection of data, analysis (coding), and interpretation of findings. Included is a databank containing transcribed interviews from qualitative studies. These data can be used to practice the analysis techniques discussed in the book.


Jane Elder, Head of Reference, Research, and the Bridwell Theological Writing Center at Southern Methodist University’s Bridwell Library shares: “What Lincoln has accomplished specifically is to take the art and science of research out of the realm of the theoretical and address the mundane, but oh-so-critical question asked by students everywhere: ‘How in the world do I do this?’… This book should be required reading for all ministry students, not just those about to conduct qualitative research, as well as their advisers.  Further, it should be part of the collections of every theological and religious studies library in the land.”


July 29, 2021

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