Introduction to Theological Libraries


Matina Ćurić (ed)


history of libraries, international librarianship, comparative librarianship


The Theological Librarian's Handbook is a multi-volume guide to the practice of theological librarianship intended for library staff who do not possess professional training in the field of library and information science. It offers perspectives and advice from leading experts in the field and best practices from theological libraries all over the world.

Volume one of the series, Introduction Theological Libraries, introduces the reader to the world of theological librarianship and answers the basic questions: What are theological libraries, their purpose, types, and the role in the community in which they operate? Who are theological librarians and what are their possible career paths? What are theological libraries like across the globe? How are they organized and how do they serve humanity? 


  • What are Theological Libraries?
    Carisse Berryhill
  • Theological Librarianship as a Career Path
    Kelly Campbell, Andrew Keck
  • Christian Theological Libraries in Africa
    Ephraim Mudave
  • Theological Libraries in Australia and New Zealand
    Kerrie Burn
  • Theological Libraries in Central and Western Europe
    Matina Ćurić
  • Theological Libraries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
    Katharina Penner
  • Theological Libraries in Latin America
    Álvaro Pérez
  • Theological Libraries in North America
    Stephen Sweeney
  • Christian Theological Libraries in North Asia
    Seoyoung Kim
  • Christian Theological Libraries in South Asia
    Yesan Sellan


February 25, 2020

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