Essays on Theological Librarianship: Presented to Calvin Henry Schmitt


Lowell C. Albee, Jr., Lutheran School of Theology; Ane J. van der Bent, World Council of Churches; Peter De Klerk, Calvin Theological Seminary; Richard W. Dorn, Otto Harrassowitz; Maria Grossman, Harvard University; G. Fay Dickerson, American Theological Library Association; Doralyn J. Hickey, North Texas State University; Earle Hilgert, McCormick Theological Seminary; Elvire Roth Hilgert, McCormick Theological Seminary; Edgar Krentz, Christ Seminary; Kenneth O'Malley, Catholic Theological Union; Stephen L. Peterson, Yale University; Jack L. Stotts, McCormick Theological Seminary; John B. Trotti, Union Theological Seminary; Louis Charles Willard, Princeton Theological Seminary


Atla, American Theological Library Association, Festschrift, theological librarianship, libraries, theology, librarians, librarianship


A Festschrift honoring Calvin H. Schmitt in light of the importance he has always placed on the collection of such volumes in the McCormick Theological Seminary Library and in view of his longstanding concern for adequate bibliographical control of multi-author works in religion. He gave tangible expression to this concern through his leadership of the former American Theological Library Association' Board of Indexing. This book responds also to a need felt by the Association for more extensive professional literature in the field of theological librarianship. The editors hope that the volume will begin to fill this longstanding lacuna and will encourage continuing research and publication in theological librarianship.



June 1, 1980


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