Shifting Stacks: A Look at the Future of Theological Libraries in Celebration of Atla's 75th Anniversary


Matthew Collins; James Estes; Myka Kennedy Stephens; Carisse Berryhill; Stephen Crocco; Shawn Goodwin; Andrew Keck; Evan Kuehn; Siong Ng; Alexander Odicino; Christopher Rogers; Kerrie Stevens; Paul Tippey; Megan Welsh


open access, digital libraries, topic modeling, collection development, embedded libraries, ANZTLA, Libraries, Librarianship, Theological Libraries


Shifting Stacks examines emergent issues at the nexus of academic librarianship and theological education. It seeks to facilitate and inspire forward-thinking conversation that may guide a reorientation of theological and religious studies librarianship that is adaptive and responsive to change and emerging needs in librarianship, theological education, and the broader global community. The need for substantive conversation on these topics has grown more important and critical as the effects of the current global pandemic ripple through our institutions.

Shifting Stacks includes an introduction by James Estes and Myka Kennedy Stephens, and contributions from Christopher A. Rogers (transformational theological literacy), Andrew Keck (open access publishing), Paul A. Tippey (digital libraries), Shawn Goodwin and Evan Kuehn (topic modeling), Megan Welsh and Alexander Luis Odicino (collection development), Stephen D. Crocco (transitioning libraries), Kerrie Stevens and Siong Ng (ANZTLA-Atla relationship), and Carisse Mickey Berryhill (forward-looking reflection).


  • Introduction
    James Estes, Myka Kennedy Stephens
  • A Holistic Model of Engagement
    Theological Literacy, Education, and Libraries
    Christopher Rogers
  • Foundations for an Open Access Policy
    Andrew Keck
  • Embracing the Future of Digital Libraries within Theological Libraries
    Paul Tippey
  • Topic Modeling as a Tool for Resource Discovery
    Shawn Goodwin, Evan Kuehn
  • Current Trends in Religious Studies & Theology Collection Development
    Megan Welsh, Alexander Odicino
  • Giving Libraries Their Due
    A Call for a Morally Serious Process for Libraries in Transition
    Stephen Crocco
  • Atla Down Under
    The Impact of International Collaboration Between Atla and ANZTLA on Theological Librarianship
    Kerrie Stevens, Siong Ng
  • A Threefold Cord
    A Narrative and Reflection
    Carisse Berryhill


August 31, 2020