Claiming Notability for Women Activists in Religion


Colleen D. Hartung (ed)


Wikipedia, Notability, Biographies, Women, Gender bias, Religion, Activists


This volume includes 10 biographies about the life and work of women activists, noteworthy in their particular religious or spiritual contexts yet not identified as notable, or at least not notable enough to have a biographical article on Wikipedia. It also includes a theoretical chapter rethinking the concept of notability in relation to the quality and character of what is covered in these biographies. Each biographical chapter makes the case for its subject's notability. The work of these women as founders and leaders in the "great man" tradition is amplified and made visible, but their work as coalition builders, collaborators, mentors, facilitators of resistance movements and more, is also held up as an essential part of their notable character.

Collectively, the chapters in this volume work to leverage the concept of notability in ways that challenge and extend our understanding of this concept. This work provides useful, critical engagement with the concept of notability as an important aspect of biographical writing in general and of Wikipedia standards in particular for people who write biographies about women and the librarians who help them. This engagement is needed if we are to move the dial on gender bias around the biographical coverage of women generally and on Wikipedia in particular.


  • Foreword
    Mary E. Hunt
  • Leveraging Notability
    Defining, Critiquing, and Strategically Engaging a Wikipedia Guideline
    Colleen D. Hartung
  • Mae Eleanor Frey
    Early 20th-century Pentecostal Matriarch
    Deborah L. Fulthorp
  • Janet McKenzie
    A Sacred Artist's Life of Creative Activism
    Elizabeth Ursic
  • Miranda E. Shaw
    A Passionate Path of Women's Active Contributions in Tantric Buddhism
    Janice Poss
  • Beatriz Melano
    First Female Protestant Doctor of Theology in Latin America
    Martha González Pérez, Cherie White
  • Bertha Mae Lillenas
    How Women Are Lost to History
    Melisa Ortiz Berry
  • Yvonne V. Delk
    A "Soul on Fire" for Justice
    Mary C. "Polly" Hamlen
  • Ida Weis Friend
    Living Her Best Century
    Rosalind Hinton
  • Shundō Aoyama Rōshi
    Nurturing the Seeds of Zen
    Karma Lekshe Tsomo
  • Margaret Peoples Shirer
    Explorer, Translator, and Proclaimer
    Rosemarie Daher Kowalski
  • Ellen Margaret Leonard, CSJ
    A Life of Transforming Grace
    Mary Ellen Chown
  • Contributors


October 23, 2020

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