Challenging Bias against Women Academics in Religion


Colleen Hartung; Deborah Fulthorp; Jonathon Eder; Mary Hamlen; Rosalind Hinton; Carolyn Bratnober; Kimberley Carter; Janice Poss; Karma Lekshe Tsomo; Juliany González Nieves; Sheryl Johnson


The second volume in the Women in Religion series, Challenging Bias against Women Academics in Religion presents biographies about women in academia who study, research, and teach about the world’s religious and spiritual traditions. It addresses the question of why so many women academics, who are themselves producers of secondary sources, are absent as biographical subjects in secondary literature generally and on digital knowledge platforms specifically. Authors variously challenge the exclusionary assumptions that underlie systemic bias in the production of secondary and tertiary sources about women. This critical engagement disrupts sourcing and writing conventions that support and perpetuate bias and creates the opportunity for more expansive and inclusive biographical narratives about women.


  • Creating Inclusive Biographical Narratives
    A Disruptive Use of Sources and Writing Conventions
    Colleen Hartung
  • Carolyn Tennant
    Prophet and Mystic at the Helm of Pentecostal Education: A Ballast in the Current of Change
    Deborah Fulthorp
  • Mary Burt Messer
    Christian Science Healer as Sociologist and Scholar
    Jonathon Eder
  • Isabel Apawo Phiri
    Centering the Voices of Women in Africa
    Mary Hamlen
  • Stephanie Y. Mitchem
    R/evolutionary Acts
    Rosalind Hinton
  • Traci C. West
    Disruptive Activism, Ministry, and Scholarship
    Carolyn Bratnober
  • Chanequa Walker-Barnes
    21st-century Womanist Advocate
    Kimberley Carter
  • Mary Milligan, RSHM, STD
    Selvage Leadership within the Fabric of Church
    Janice Poss
  • Paula Kane Robinson Arai
    Navigating Cultural Intimacy and Scholarly Authority
    Karma Lekshe Tsomo
  • Agustina Luvis Núñez
    A Life of Wandering through the Horizons of God’s Justice
    Juliany González Nieves
  • Greer Anne Wenh-In Ng
    Green is Better than Blue
    Sheryl Johnson


October 25, 2021

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