Administration in Theological Libraries


Andrew Keck (ed)


Models for the administration of theological libraries vary significantly based on size, location, culture, and context. Commonly, theological libraries must develop an internal administration of policies, procedures, and goals in relation to collection management, staffing/volunteers, planning, reporting, and budget, as well as administer external relationships to a broader institution, library consortia, and other stakeholders. The targeted audience for this volume includes those starting a new theology library or beginning a new position in administration with principles relevant to established libraries and library directors.


  • Library Mission Statements
    Amy Limpitlaw
  • National and International Library Regulations and Standards
    Andrew Keck
  • Library Policies and Procedures
    Katharina Penner
  • Mentoring and Supervising Library Staff in a Theological Library
    Jaeyeon Lucy Chung
  • Volunteers in Libraries
    Friends or Foes?
    Kelly Campbell
  • Theological Library in the New Normal Environment​
    New Dynamics of Institutional Relationship
    Reysa Alenzuela, Ma. Cynthia T. Peleña
  • Planning and Reporting
    Siong Ng
  • Forecasting Your Budget
    Cynthia Snell
  • Financial Accounting and Record-keeping
    T. Patrick Milas


August 2, 2021

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