100 Years of African Missions: Essays in Honor of Wendell Broom


Stanley Granberg (ed)


The wide-ranging essay collection is organized into four main sections. Section I introduces Wendell Broom. Secton II is "God's Call to a Continent: People and Places." Section III is "Mission Strategies and Issues." Section IV, is entitled "Concluding Thoughts" and shares some concluding thoughts on the future of African missions and the African church. The final chapter offers a speech by Wendell Broom from 1997 to 178 Nigerian evangelists and church leaders which challenged them (and us) to fill in the unevangelized gaps of Africa with a deliberate church-planting strategy to join the churches of West and East Africa by "meeting in the middle." The book concludes with an extensive bibliography of books, research, and articles on African missions by missionaries and authors associated with the Churches of Christ.


With generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and as part of the National Endowment of the Humanities Open Book program, the Abilene Christian University's ACU Press and Brown Library partnered with the Disciples of Christ Historical Society (DCHS) to digitize 25 important backlist titles relevant to Stone-Campbell tradition, theology, and church history. This open access version is hosted by Atla Open Press in furtherance of the purposes of the grant.



January 1, 2001