Collection Development in Theological Libraries


Carisse Berryhill (ed)


acquisitions, collection assessment, special collections, electronic resources, consortium, library administration, licensing


The Theological Librarian’s Handbook is a multi-volume guide to the practice of theological librarianship. It is intended for use by library staff at theological and religious studies libraries who do not possess professional training in the field of library and information science. This handbook offers perspectives and advice from leading experts in the field and best practices from theological libraries all over the world.

This volume introduces the reader to collection development in theological libraries and answers these basic questions:

How does one understand one’s community in order to serve its information needs?

What are the principles of decision-making about resources? How are these expressed in a useful policy document?

How does commitment to diversity, equality, inclusion, and antiracism shape local collection practice?

How can collaborative strategies be used to provide access to reference collections, special collections, and electronic collections?


  • Creating a Useful, Accessible, and Connected Theological Library
    Jeremy Wallace
  • Care and Tending of the Garden
    The Collection Management Policy as Gardening Manual
    Leslie Engelson
  • Collection Development Policies for Theological Libraries in the Digital Era
    Ward De Pril
  • Constructing the Narrative
    Best Practices in Resource Selection for Building Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Theological Collections
    Marta Samokishyn
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-racism in Collection Development
    Anita Coleman
  • Beginning the Theological Library
    Elizabeth Leahy
  • Collection Assessment Is for Everyone!
    Tammy Johnson
  • Reference Sources for Small Seminaries
    Prospects and Challenges
    Yesan Sellan
  • Developing Future-proof Library Collections
    The Case of International Baptist Theological Study Centre
    Pieter van Wingerden
  • Developing Special Collections & Archives at General Theological Seminary Post-pandemic
    Melissa Chim
  • Collaborative Collection Development
    Opportunities and Challenges
    Kerrie Burn


July 28, 2022

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