Preservation of Collections in Theological Libraries


Douglas L. Gragg (ed)
Harvard University


Preservation, Archives, Theological libraries, Physical collections, Library materials, Mold prevention, Policies, Photographs, Microfilm, Hymnals


This volume introduces readers to the most important principles and practices for preserving library and archival collections. Through a combination of informational chapters and case studies, authors provide clear and practical advice on:

  • Maximizing the longevity of physical materials that librarians and archivists commonly collect
  • Maintaining appropriate levels of temperature and humidity for the storage of materials
  • Implementing simple, affordable practices and preventive measures to protect collections and stay prepared for emergencies
  • Responding to a specific preservation challenge, such as a mold outbreak
  • Digitizing print materials and how this relates to preserving originals


  • Introduction
    Douglas L. Gragg
  • An Ounce of Prevention
    Basic Principles for Preserving Physical Collections
    Erin Mollenhauer
  • Getting The Picture
    Preserving Photograph Collections
    Amanda Maloney, Elena Bulat
  • Keeping Your Cool
    A Practical Guide to Climate Control
    Ezra Choe, Beth Farwell
  • Size Doesn’t Matter
    Advice for Small Theological Libraries
    Karl Stutzman
  • Responding to a Mold Outbreak at the Catholic University of Toulouse
    Laura Monneau
  • Assessing Risk to the Microfilm Collection at Harvard Divinity School
    Amanda Maloney, Elena Bulat
  • Preserving Hungarian Unitarian Church Archives Through Digitization
    Lehel Molnár
  • Preserving Hymnals Through Digitization at Gardner-Webb University
    Natalie Bishop, Mariah Hamby
  • Reliable Resources for Further Study and Reference
    Lauren Telepak, Priscilla Anderson
Preservation of Collections in Theological Libraries - book cover


May 23, 2024

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